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About us!

The Constructional engineer association (BIF) was founded January 19th, 2010.

We are an association for everybody who study:

  • Constructions (Konstruksjon)

  • City planning (Byplanlegging)

  • Technical planning (Teknisk planlegging)

  • City planing and social security (Byplanlegging og samfunnssikkerhet)


This makes the engineering program Bygg (construction) at UIS, one of the more versatile building programs in Norway.


BIF was established to build a larger academic and social community between all of us studying at the University of Stavanger. An important goal for us is to strengthen the competence in the field of study, and therefore in cooperation with the institutes we are actively working with recruitment for our study programs at all events.

Our association’s supreme body is the General Assembly, which elects the board at the beginning of each year. The board consists of nine ordinary posts and and is supplemented by non-ordinary members. Voluntary students who do not feel they have the time to get involved, have the oppurtunity to join the Functionary group «BIF’s venner».


We work hard to make regional and national businesses present themselves to our students. This in order to gain insight into the workplace and at the same time during the studies create good connections between the students and the businesses.

The board consists of nine ordinary members, and up to nine non-ordinary members. The nine ordinary members are elected to their posts at the annual General Assembly. The non-ordinary members are elected by the members of the association, often at the General Assembly.

Oda Eriksen
Mathias Engseth
Deputy Leader
Helene Guan
Head of finance
Antoni Jaworski
Head of business relations
Tone Haug
Business committee
Ada Nauen
Business committee
Tollef Rønnes
Business committee
Vaishant Thevapalan
Head of events
Ravn L. Engamo
Event committee
Petter Tajet
Event committee
Morten Helmen
Event committee
Mathias Takvam
PR committee
Johannes Henriksen
PR committee
Jonas R. Hansen
Head of public relations
Anna Hole
Masters contact
Nicolai Walmann
The main board:
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